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[MàJ] Electronic Arts should be bought out in a very short time


According to some sources, the takeover of EA is coming. And, it should be announced sooner than one might think. It would even be a matter of a few hours.

Update 26/08 (2:25pm): In the wake of the news of Amazon’s possible takeover, Bloomberg Terminal has reacted and denied the previously reported comments based on sources emanating from the CNBC side, which claim that Amazon would absolutely not covet EA.

So who’s telling the truth? We’ll see.

Original article:

Last May, some information that evoked a possible sale of EA appeared. Several entertainment giants were then mentioned as potential buyers. There were, for example, Disney, Apple or Amazon. And, today, the rumor returns and makes a lot of noise. According to the rumor, the announcement of the takeover will be made very soon.

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Amazon would be the buyer

It would even be the story of a few hours. At least that’s what GLHF sources say. According to them, it is Amazon that would make its move. The company should then formally communicate its intention to acquire Electronic Arts this August 26, 2022.

If this were the case, one could say that the firm of Jeff Bezos will have got his hands on a real gold mine. Many licenses have indeed material to provide some shows: Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mass Effectwhich by the way is already on its way according to rumors.

Now we just have to wait. In case this is true, we’ll see you soon, otherwise let’s move on.

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