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MARE finally announces itself also on PCVR


The virtual reality Ico-like will have been long overdue on PC, but here it is finally planned for this month by Visiontrick Media.

Long awaited then discreetly released on Quest early last yearMARE finally arrives on helmets PCVR on March 17, 2022 via Steam, Meta Store and Viveport.

Visiontrick Media has just unveiled on video the arrival of this new version of the title benefiting froman enhanced level of visual fidelity with real-time flashes.

As a reminder, MARE is a puzzle-adventure game by Rui Guerreiroa former member of Team Ico, which is reminiscent of Icon or The Last Guardian.

He offers us a dreamlike journey among ancient ruins at the controls of a mechanical bird to assist a little girl on her journey.

After Alvo and Cosmonious High which have already been added to the other VR news of the month, this March 17 will be decidedly busy in terms of virtual reality.

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