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Martha is Dead censored and physical releases pushed back to PS5 and PS4


The horror thriller from LKA studio has just come up against a major problem: the organization at PlayStation which manages censorship.

It is quite rare in PlayStationbut it seems that content from Martha is Dead is not digested and must go through the censorship box before reaching Sony’s machines.

If we do not know exactly what will be censored, it is quite easy to get an idea, given the frame proposed by the software.

As a reminder, Martha is Dead will immerse us in Tuscany in the middle of the Second World War, in the shoes of a young woman who sets out to investigate the murder of her drowned twin sister, whose desecrated body was found near a lake.

A historical context and a particularly dark plot that is obviously a little too much for Playstation which asked the studio to trim its game a bit if he wishes to see it appear on PS5 and PS4.

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Therefore, LKA and Wired Production therefore had no choice but to comply with the requirements of the Japanese giant and had to postpone the release of the boxed versions. title to make changes. Nevertheless, the digital versions, although censored at Playstation, will indeed be on time. On his side, Microsoft has given developers the green light to release their game as-is on Xbox.

In summary, next February 24you can get Martha is Dead in physical and digital edition on Xbox Series, PC and Xbox One in uncensored versionwhile the software will only be accessible in dematerialized form on PS5 and PS4 on the same date.

The PlayStation cakes, meanwhile, will only arrive later at a date that is still unknown.

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