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Marvel’s Midnight Suns reveals the character The Hunter in video


Firaxis’ strategic RPG, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, gives an update on the customizable character The Hunter in a new teaser video.

We didn’t see much of him until now in the different trailers of presentation of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it is now fixed. 2K and Firaxis have just unveiled a new character video, and it’s The Hunter who’s on display. Unlike the many heroes in Sons of Midnight that have been decrypted and will play alongside you, the Hunter is the player’s customizable avatar.

Available in male or female according to your choiceThe character’s powers can be increased among 40 different proposals, probably inspired by other members of the roster of X-Men or Avengers as Spider-Man, the Red Witch, Captain America or Blade. In the video, she also has a powerful blade that she seems to be able to charge like Thor or Psylocke.

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Presented as the daughter of the mistress of the Underworld, Lilith, she also seems to be able to take advantage of a demonic familiar and 2K says that more information on its gameplay will be revealed soon in video. The game is expected to be released on end of the year / early 2023 on PC and next generation consoles, then later on Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

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