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Marvel’s Midnight Suns takes another step closer to release


The game from Firaxis and 2K Games, set for the second part of 2022, has just obtained a classification on the official Australian body, with some information on its content.

Announced in September 2021 by 2K Games, the Tactical/Strategy RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns gave high hopes to the community of marvel fans after games under license from Square Enix which dampened public expectations. Postponed to the second half of 2022, the game has not given any sign of life since the end of 2021, preferring to focus on a best screenplay that “will do justice to an unforgettable adventure”.

A violent and mature game

Obviously, the work paid off, and the release date could be revealed soon. It is in any case a strong possibility, since the title has just beene officially filed with the relevant body in Australia. Labels are generally issued to games that are or are almost complete. Unfortunately, the release date was not updated in parallel.

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The good news for the fans, is that the game should be rather violent and mature, like what the writers of Wolverine want to do. Rated “M for Mature” (i.e. 16+ for us) with the mention “mature themes and supernatural violence”, it owes its rank above all for its violence, and in a small part for the sexualization of the characters, swear words and the drug use (more related to cigarettes or alcohol, no doubt).

Finally, the classification also allows us to see that in-game purchases are expected in-game. For now, the title is simply announced for 2022unspecified.

Source: www.classification.gov.au

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