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Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered to get even crazier on PC


Spider-Man is the next big Sony exclusive to land on PC after making people happy on PS5, and the game looks technically crazy.

A real critical and public success on PS4 and PS5Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming from August 12th on PC and will embark with him a whole bunch of options to make it even more beautiful than on the latest console of Sony.

Peter and Miles are at the top on PC

On the menu of this port, the support for ray-tracingwhich will be fully scalable from DLSSof the DLAA and the possibility of surpassing 60 fps for even more fluidity. In addition, the title will have the right to some graphic improvements (not detailed yet) and will support 21:9 display for extra wide screens. And in case you have a Dualsense, you can enjoy a full compatibility with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers like on PS5.

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Insomniac also announces that pre-orders are now open on Steam and the Epic Games Store and they will give access to some exclusive cosmetics.

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