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Massage pretty girls in the new ultra sexy title for the Switch


Nintendo will soon offer a new licentious title that should not be put in all hands: a game that combines rhythm and massage.

Attention, you who have just ventured on this page, you are about to enter a world where your most licentious fantasies can take shape. So be ready, in any case, to have a detailed look at this famous massage game that the studio presents to us qureate.

That’s right, the Nintendo Switch will be hosting very soon, on August 4tha new production for adults. And honestly, it seems totally different from the title we could mention a few months ago, which was only a puzzle game with some light images. The one we are talking about now is much more daring, and would deserve its title of hentai, and is of course not to be put in every hand.

Ladies, would you like a little massage

To summarize it a little, this Massage Freaks will send you in the skin of a certain Atsushi Yubihara. He inherited his grandfather’s massage parlor and he has a serious worry to worry about: crumbling under the debts, the young man runs the risk to be seized the legacy of his late grandfather. But, visibly, there is absolutely nothing to fear, a providential meeting will be there to pull him out of his predicament. Cat in appearance, Momiji is much more than that. He will give our inexperienced owner the necessary powers to fill his clientele and thus acquire the necessary amount of money to ward off any threat.

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Of course, the audience for your care will be entirely female. It will go, for example, from the student to the pretty widow, while passing by the not less sparkling high school teacher… To try to satisfy them, you’ll just have to use the special super technique that Momoji taught you. It is very simple. You just have to massage in rhythm so as to transmit and print in the body of each of your clients the waves of the music they want to hear. And only in this way will you be able to, let’s say, move them. They might even fall in love with you… well, the character.

It seems that on the whole, it’s soft. In any case, there is a way to go further. As the player progresses, he will normally unlock a new mode, which this time will be more explicit as seen in the images shown below: Nice mode! Totally Relaxed! mode, also known as NTR.

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So, what is your feeling about this game?

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