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Mato Anomalies: Prime Matter and Arrowiz present their futuristic RPG


Publisher Prime Matter (System Shock Remake, Dolmen) has teamed up with Arrowiz to release a brand new dystopian RPG presented in video.

You can find above the first trailer of Mato Anomalies introducing the universe of the game of Arrowiz. This atypical RPG with a rather anime art direction will take you into a futuristic world invaded by supernatural creatures. With the help of Detective Doe, you will shed light on the dark secrets behind this invasion.

Besides a rather pronounced investigation part, the game promises epic battles using many mechanics that you will have to learn to master. Thus, you will be able to storm the plethora of tight dungeons that await you.

The Arrowiz studio is very excited to be working with Prime Matter. This agreement should undoubtedly accelerate the development that has been on track for two years now. The company’s CEO, Horace Xiong, actually shared his excitement in a few lines:

We can’t wait to share the game we’ve been working on for over two years now. Our creative team has come up with a deep story and a unique world of Mato Anomalies, whose passion has brought the design to life. More than 50 talented people are involved in this project, not counting external partners. We are encouraged by our partner Prime Matter who believes in our studio and our global vision.

An enthusiasm shared by Prime Matter said Mario Gerhold, the Global Brand and Marketing Director:

We are delighted to partner with Arrowiz on this release. Mato Anomalies fits perfectly into our extensive portfolio of quality games. Given the studio’s high ambition this partnership is a perfect fit for Prime Matter and we look forward to supporting the team with our local and global publishing and marketing expertise

Mato Anomalies is currently targeting a 2023 release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series and Switch. It will of course be offered in dematerialized form, but also in physical version thanks to the arrival of Prime Matter on the project.

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