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Max Payne: the first two opuses will have their remake


The first two opuses of the Max Payne series will also engage in the remake exercise. The latter will be funded by Rockstar Games.

Definitely, with the unearthing of classics, it’s time for nostalgia. On Monday, we were surprised to witness the return of Monkey Island, and today it’s Remedy’s turn to surprise (well, probably) and perhaps satisfy the fans.

In effect, Remedy will look at the remake of the first two Max Payne , and RockStar Games – to whom we owe the third and final installment in the series – will also be there. The studio, having recently offered Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, will fund the project.

Gathered in a single pack, this upgrade will use the Finnish company’s in-house engine, the one used by Control: the Northlight Engines. The compilation of these two opuses will be treated like a production triple A and will be intended for PS5 consoles, Xbox Series and PC.

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No date has been mentioned, the game being only at “concept development stage”.