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May 2022 VR News


The month of May is already here and the sunny days are coming, but the VR news does not stop there. Here’s what to expect this month.

For this month of May 2022we retained 6 titles half of which are ports from one helmet to another, but which the holders of said helmets will appreciate seeing arrive on their favorite support.

This is how Fracked, after almost 2 years of PSVR exclusivity for nDreams, will finally join the headsets PCVR starting the May 5.

Similarly, the survival game Green Hell VR that Incuvo has just released on Quest, should arrive on PCVR during the May.

Conversely, players Quest will inherit Swordsman VR, the medieval combat simulator from Sinn Studio, already available on PCVR and PSVR, from May 26.

As a novelty, so to speak, we will first have Little Cities by Purple Yonder Games published by nDreams. This one was indeed supposed to come out last month but was postponed to May 12.

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We will also be entitled to early access on PCVR at Afterlife VR. the horror game of Split Light Studio will be launched on May 13.

Finally, we will end with The Last Taxia game of ZenFri which will ask you to play as the last human taxi driver on PCVR the May 31st.

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