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Mcdonald’s X Pokémon GO: unique raids in McCafé® spaces


In honor of Niantic’s new partnership with McDonald’s restaurants, check out the list of festivities that await Pokémon hunters.

As of August 22 and for one year, you can now stop by a McDo™ restaurant while searching for your little Pokémon. Indeed, McDonald’s™ restaurants, as well as McCafé® spaces have just partnered with Niantic and Pokémon GO, their flagship game of the Pokémon license. The latter, top 3 mobile game in France, with nearly two million active players, gives you the opportunity to search and capture Pokémon in the real world thanks to your smartphone and the game’s augmented reality.

Since the game uses the surrounding cartography to move around and hunt wild Pokémon, you’re still pretty lucky to cross paths with a restaurant or coffee shop on your safari. So McDonald’s™ restaurants without a McCafé® space become Pokéstop, the places to train and improve your team. Trainers will be able to stop by these landmarks to gain experience.

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In addition, restaurants with a McCafé® space will become Arenas: players will be able to meet up with rival teams and defend their side. Finally, RAIDS by McCafé® are announced during this partnership, with the first one taking place from September 13 to 18. Exclusively in McCafé® spaces, this temporary event is an incredible opportunity for collectors to hunt a surprise and overpowered Pokémon for a week. Keep an eye on the news, as four Raids will take place during the partnership year exclusively in McCafé® locations in France.

To learn more about the event, visit the official website to get all the information.

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