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Meta finally says goodbye to Facebook accounts


The main criticism of Quest 2 has finally been heard by Meta: the requirement for a Facebook account is now a thing of the past.

As of August 23, the requirement to have a Facebook account to use a Meta headset is no longer. And that’s good, many of you will say, including those who gave up the VR headset of the American firm because of this constraint.

If you can choose to keep your Facebook accountit is now possible to create and use instead a Meta accounton both new and old helmets. Of course, the deployment of the update will be gradual and it may be necessary to wait a little longer, but it is done.

“Frankly, as we’ve heard your feedback more generally, we’re working to make sure you can log in to Quest with an account other than your personal Facebook account.”, Mark Zuckerberg

With a Meta account, you’ll be able to log in, but you’ll also need to create a Meta Horizon profile (ex Oculus profile), just like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network do. No link with a social mediaSimply a profile and user name, as well as a photo and an avatar.

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Only other players will be able to see your profile in the VR applications and the Quest social menuYou may or may not want to show it.

The obligation of a Facebook account, strongly criticized by the community, will not have not lasted two years. Faced with the discontent of users and the less invasive competitionMark Zuckerberg had to give up this imperative, in accordance with what he had announced during the Connect 2021 conference October.

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