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Meta: Quest Pro coming soon


The release date for the pro version of Meta’s autonomous headset has been revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, and it’s imminent.

The success of the Quest 2 is undeniable, but a pro version of the autonomous VR headset has also been planned for a while within Metaunder the code name Project Cambria.

And it is through its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in person, who we learned in a podcast that he should arrive in Octobercertainly on the occasion of the conference Connect 2022.

The one that will probably be called the Quest Proshould offer better specifications (2160×2160 resolution per eye, face sensor, eye-tracking…), as well as features more oriented towards professional usesuch as augmented reality.

It should therefore not compete directly with the Quest 2 in the field of VR games, if only by its much higher price which has not yet been clearly announced.

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