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Meta Shadow Point exclusive is coming to PSVR at the end of the month


After having succeeded in seducing players from Oculus (which has since become Meta), Coatsink’s puzzle game is attacking those from Sony.

Available since May 2019 on Quest and Rift at €19.99 where he enjoyed some success, the game of narrative puzzle Coatsink’s Shadow Point (Jurassic World Aftermath, Onward, ESPER) will land on PSVR on March 22, 2022.

The title asks you to go in search ofa schoolgirl who disappeared from Shadow Point Observatory twelve years ago of that. Between the observatory located at the top of a mountain and the ever-changing fantasy world to which it is connected by a portal, you must solve puzzles by playing in particular with gravity, shadows and light.

Helped by attractive minimalist art direction of Shadow Point and the magic that emanates from it, Coatsink intends to seduce VR Playstation players while waiting to offer them another title in development for the PSVR 2 launch.

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Quite short, the software is certainly not devoid of faults and is starting to date, but it still remains today a pleasant experience which deserves attention.

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