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Metal Gear Solid 1 gets an ultra immersive VR experience


The hard work of some fans makes it possible to revive the flame of some of the greatest titles of our time. In this case, it’s Metal Gear Solid that takes advantage of this with a VR experience running on the Unreal Engine, and the result is very nice.

Here is a project that will delight the most nostalgic among us, and it is here the fruit of a excellent work initiated by Vapor Cephalopod. An artist who ventures into the field of Shadow Mosesthe playground of the first Metal Gear Solid on PS1.

This ambitious project resumes the graphic aspect of yesteryear with the most outstanding places of this opus, but in VR this time. And the result is, to say the least immersive even impressive. Solid Snake is more skilful than ever in this version that runs under Unreal Engine.

If the work is not yet completed, it remains convincing enough to benefit from the blessing ofHideo Kojima himself, since he has retweeted one of the messages posted by the author of this work.

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Something to look forward to a complete version? Nothing is less sure, but in the gaming world everything can go very fast, with a little money, goodwill and support.

Anyway, you can go to the channel of Vapor Cephalopod to follow his work by following this link.

You have to admit that it’s quite something!

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