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Metal Gear Solid 5: Nuclear Disarmament Mission Is ‘Impossible’


A group of players investigated the famous nuclear disarmament mission which promised, once completed, a surprise. Conclusion: it is impossible to achieve.

A hidden scene Chapter 3 “Peace”, was to follow once the mission was completed. Konami supported in particular this belief which circulated on the web by also making the promise of a surprise. The so-called cinematic would even have leaked. However, according to one of Did You Know Gaming’s videos on the subject, this is an impossible task.

Unable to achieve peace

It’s a group of players, the “Anti-Nuke Gang”, who made this claim. Attempting to achieve their end, on the PlayStation version 3 of Kojima’s game, they realized the challenge: disabling all nukes is simply unachievable. Why? Well, some of these targets, about forty in all, remain untraceable and therefore impossible to disarm. The reason is that although these weapons seem to always be present, they have no real existence, since the accounts in their possession have been banned. Basically, if we had to summarize, they are still there without really being there, without being able to interact with them. Therefore, these were called “Phantom Nukes”.

We came across what can only be defined as an invincible set of nuclear weapons that belong to no base. If you are familiar with the MGSV forward operating base system, a nuke is always placed on a forward operating base after the player crafts it. But there were about 40 of these invincible nukes that didn’t have a FOB they belonged to. They simply existed without FOB. We call them the ‘Phantom Nukes’.

This obviously concerns the PS3, but also, it seems, other platforms. This is indeed what the group in question continues to allege, relying in particular on the fact that there are on other media many more bombs and inevitably more of these ‘Phantoms Nukes’. And so, that’s just saying the game system is flawed.

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The only way that could lead to the exploit would be to use backdoor methods, as did the “Anti-Nuke Gang” with hacks. Nevertheless, this achievement was logically not recognized as legitimate by Konami. Contacted by the main interested parties, the company did not communicate on the subject.

Like what, even in a video game, it is impossible to eradicate any threat.

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