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Metroid Prime: Fans Provide HD Remaster


While waiting to find out what is really going on with the official remaster previously announced by certain sources, fans have tried their hand at the task.

Metroid Prime can now be approached in an optimized version, a bit like Resident Evil 4 a few months ago. Modders Samus Prime and Team MPR have indeed provided content to this effect. However, it cannot be effective if you have a copy GameCube or the Trilogy published on Wii.

Appointed MPR Phase 1, the mod in question uses a version of the Dolphin emulator and brings to Nintendo’s title an HD texture as well as improved lighting. Various features present in the original version released in 2002 but absent from that of the Wii were also added. Here’s what it is exactly:

  • A stunning new visual pass, with all new textures, lights, particles, and more.
  • Restored functions from the GameCube version, previously disabled on Wii.
  • PrimeHack integration for native keyboard/mouse and dual-stick gamepad controls.
  • Adjustable field of view slider (included in PrimeHack)
  • UI customization including coloring and adding/removing HUD elements

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