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Microsoft Announces ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo Event


From December 7 to 21, Microsoft will offer you to try a handful of games still in development. 30 titles can thus be approached.

In partnership with Game Awards 2021, Microsoft will launch the ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo Event. With this event, which will start on December 7, the owners of the brand’s consoles (Xbox One and Xbox Series) will be able to try new titles.

Demos therefore which are not strictly speaking, however, since the games offered for testing are still in development, as the company specifies. The quality presented will therefore not be a reflection of the final products. The titles will continue to be improved and will also be able to count on the various feedback that players will have sent to developers via social networks or their official sites.

30 soft drinks will make themselves available to the December 7 to 21. Some titles are already known. Here’s what was revealed:

Loot River

The title takes you through a series of procedurally generated mazes for an action-packed roguelike experience that combines the tense real-time combat and art direction of Dark Souls with the logic of Tetris.

Death trash

In a post-apocalyptic world, cosmic horrors dream of humanity but their hopes are shattered by punks equipped with shotguns. The game is reminiscent of classic RPGs and offers modern, action-packed gameplay and plenty of freedom. Create your own character and explore this unique, hand-crafted world.


A reinterpretation of the story of the origins of Baba Yaga having for context Slavic folklore adding a touch of surrealism. It’s a unique blend of exploration and archery combat, and its grim storyline will keep you going. Become the fearless guardian of the forest or a terrifying being straight out of the worst nightmares.

The Tale of Bistun

An action-adventure game inspired by the tragic 12th century poem Khosrow and Chirine. You play as a stone sculptor who wakes up on Mount Bistun and seems to have forgotten everything before this moment. A plague spreads, and with it, many formidable adversaries appear. You will have to face mythical enemies and travel between reality and an ethereal place of forgotten memories to uncover the secrets of your past.

Nobody Saves the World

Complete quests to discover over 15 varied and distinct shapes, which you can then switch between. Mix and match skills in surprising ways to unlock and complete even more difficult quests. Join a friend and explore a gigantic universe filled with monsters and misfits, navigate changing dungeons and triumph over Calamity to save the world!

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