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Microsoft finally delivers its verdict in the PS4 – Xbox One duel


The Xbox manufacturer has never communicated on its sales figures since the failure of the Xbox One against the PS4. An official document finally reveals why, and the number of consoles sold.

Even though there was no real doubt about the numbers, it’s a nice touch from Microsoft to finally state what everyone knew: the PS4 was a tidal wave, and the Xbox One couldn’t do anything about it. While the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by the American giant is underway, the studio responsible for the Xbox must to reveal some documents with the authorities.

Notably in Brazil, where the competition commission has asked MS to deliver publicly some figures. But as we know, Xbox never communicates on its sales… In new reports revealed, we learn that this desire was indeed a way for the American manufacturer to to hide its defeat. In this document, one can thus read:

Sony has surpassed Microsoft in terms of console sales and installed base, Having sold more than twice as many PS4s (than Xbox One) in the last generation.

An impressive success for the PS4 then, since it would be around 55 million copies sold in total, against 117. Is it really that ridiculous? Not really. Sure, the 1:2 ratio may make you cringe, but 50 million is twice as much as the Xbox or PS5 (for now).

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Microsoft also takes the opportunity in this document to to confirm that the Xbox cannot fight against the PlayStation in the “console war”. Its objective is therefore to “retain” players to the brand, and probably, from now on, also take advantage of the many services such as the Game Pass.

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