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Microsoft improves the performance of the Xbox Series S


Microsoft has just drawn attention to a new update to its development kit aimed at improving the performance of games on the Xbox Series S.

As shown in a video that The Verge reported in an article, Microsoft has just provided developers with the opportunity to see their work improve somewhat. This includes the PC, but also the business model of its new gen console: the Xbox Series S. In this way, the console should be able to present some notable improvements on a graphic level.

Free up more memory

Because of a significant difference in memory with the Xbox Series X, developers have had some difficulty adapting and using the resources of the S to the fullest. Digital Foundry had pointed this out a short time ago.

From now on, the update of the development kit operated by Microsoft will bring the necessary improvements to remedy the situation. In fact, developers should now have more control and access to hundreds of megabytes of additional memory” that will allow for better graphics performance.

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A welcome initiative when we consider that this Xbox Series S is an alternative quite appreciated by gamers. As an example, we could mention Japan where its sales are indeed quite important.

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