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Microsoft makes its Xbox Series X/S even faster


Microsoft continues to tweak its Xbox Series consoles and recently managed to make them even faster to boot than they already were.

Participants in the Xbox Insider program can indeed have access to a small update for their console allowing them to gain a few seconds on startup, as reported by Tom Warren.

An optimization that makes the user experience more fluid

But this time, instead of improving anything internally on the machine, it’s a simple sleight of hand on the animation which allows the Xbox Series X and S to be a bit more vivid when they are turned on. Microsoft has indeed corrected the animation that displays the Xbox logo when the console is turned on to allow to gain not less than 5 seconds. Where the Xbox Series took 20 seconds to reach the dashboard when they were powered off, they now take only 15 seconds. Tom Warren has shared a small representation on Twitter.

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Obviously, those who leave their Xbox in standby mode all the time will not see any difference, but gamers who opt for the Power Save mode will certainly be happy to save some time. After that, we’re not going to lie to ourselves, since their launch, the Xbox Series are relatively fast, as we saw during our test of the machine and we’re not within 5 seconds, nevertheless some optimizations, here and there, are always good to take.

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