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Midnight Ghost Hunt is coming to PC this spring


The multiplayer title based on ghosts and ghost hunters is preparing its release on Steam in early access.

Unveiled in 2019, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a title multiplayer at a time cooperative and competitive where one group of players play ghosts and another play ghost hunters.

The first must survive the hunt launched by the seconds until midnighttime at which if only one of them survived, the roles are reversed and the hunter becomes the prey as all ghosts return asvengeful spirits. It is then up to the aggressors to achieve survive until evacuated.

It is therefore a revisits to the Ghostbusters of Garry’s Mod that Vaulted Sky Games and Coffee Stain Studios offer us, with a Phasmophobia side, but also an inspiration drawn from Prop Hunt, like what Call of Duty, Fortnite or even Genshin Impact have also done.

Ghosts can indeed hide in objects of their choice to escape the hunters or to surprise them. They can also set traps. For their part, hunters can choose various gadgets very useful for spotting ghosts. One voice chat also allows for better cooperation.

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After a series of closed betasin which we have sometimes been able to participate and see the interesting potential of the title, Midnight Ghost Hunt will finally launch in Early Access on Steam Spring 2022 with 7 cards available. It is also expected to later on consoles.

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