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Minecraft, the first game to exceed 1000 billion views on Youtube


Mojang’s track is the most watched on Youtube. An undisputed leader since the videos related to this game represent a trillion views, and it is only increasing!

New historical and absolute record for the construction and survival game of Mojang, which has just passed the number of billion views on Youtube. In 11 years on the video platform, the title has become the star in the world of video games.

On a mini-site which celebrates the event, Youtube reveals many statistics and shows in particular the types of videos that are successful on the game: if roleplay was very popular at one time, it has now been dethroned by speedrun videos or multiplayer survival. Animation with cubes is always on top.

We especially note that the Minecraft videos took 8 and a half years to pass the 500 million, but only two more years to exceed 1000 million. In view of this exponential increase, the two billiards could fall as early as next year.

The story of Minecraft on YouTube is one of endless creativity fueled by changes in the game, changes in YouTube, and the ever-changing interests of creators and their viewers. Believe it or not, all of this energy and production seems to be ramping up. As our data shows, it took about eight years for this community to generate 500 billion views, but only about two years to double that number to one trillion. We can only guess what highs they will reach in the future, but like this stage, it will be fun to watch them.

Source: www.eclypsia.com

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