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Modern Warfare 2 introduces a new multiplayer map, Farm 18


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 continues its teasing before the big reveal in September and today reveals a new multiplayer map.

After the presentation of Marina Bay Grand Prix a few days ago, Infinity Ward returns with a new map much more post-apocalyptic.

Like a little air of The Last of Us

Farm 18 is presented as a tortuous map offering several axes and ways to approach the confrontations. The developers inform us for example that it will be possible to participate in close combat in the center of the map in a “shoothouse”, while more open spaces will be arranged around.

The map is set in a disused industrial complex where vegetation has reclaimed its rightsgiving a post-apocalyptic aspect. Moreover, the developers claim that the level design was a real headacheespecially the management of the vegetation, since it is necessary to constantly try to find the right balance between environmental narration and gameplay.

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In the case of the flora, it had to be present and dense enough to give the feeling that nature had reclaimed its rights, while trying not to offer comfortable tents for the campers. Because yes, even in 2022, in every FPS there are still players merging with the scenery in every little corner of the map.

As a reminder, Modern Warfare 2 will soon have the right to long beta sessions and should largely unveil its multiplayer at a special event scheduled for mid-September.

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