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Modern Warfare 2 leaks a first (short) gameplay sequence


After the rumors, here is a short gameplay video that escapes on the web, unfortunately, we do not see much.

Definitely, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 seem to be at least as secret as the Ubisoft games (we’re kidding Ubi). After many rumors about their contents, it is now a wildly recorded gameplay clip that just popped up on the net.

We still hope that the software will be more beautiful than that

You can view the video by clicking here and although the video is of very poor quality, we nevertheless know thatit is indeed Modern Warfare 2, at least a version dating from the end of 2021. Tom Henderson himself commented on this short video to that effect and the footage had already been leaked last February when an insider redrew what he had seen of the Infinity Ward FPS at the time. ‘era.

Finally, as it stands, the only real thing that we can notice in the video is that there is a slight improvement in the animation of reloading the weapon, for the rest on the other hand, we will wait to see more clearly (literally and figuratively) to say if there are real notable improvements. And if we are to believe the rumors, especially propagated by Tom Henderson and Raph Valve, Infinity Ward’s FPS should show up very well by early June itself.

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