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Modern Warfare 2: trailer, multi, coop, graphics, the software is finally revealed


As expected, Infinity Ward and Activision unveiled Modern Warfare 2 to the eyes of the world with a short, action-packed trailer.

The next installment of Call of Duty finally shows up just hours before the launch of the Summer Game Fest where it will also be present.

An explosive campaign and cooperation

No gameplay here, but a trailer designed with in-game images taken from the campaign soft, very close to the recent leaks that appeared a little earlier. Visibly, we will have to travel across the globemention is made of Iran and we can also see several urban environments as well as an oil station.

Once again the software relies on a cinematographic aspect and stuffs its action sequences with stunts and pyrotechnic effects, but not only. We can also see a handful of more “down-to-earth” and realistic scenes, close to what Modern Warfare first of the name offered us at the time.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Modern Warfare 2 will feature 2-player co-op Special Ops and will thus be able to take advantage of an AI announced as having a “tactical” and particularly devious behavior.

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Revolutionary multiplayer and Warzone 2

Obviously the multiplayer, great classic of the license, will also be present and the developers announce to us a “revolution” in gameplay, many maps right out and a revamped Gunsmith (which will also be incorporated into Warzone 2). Once again, Infinity Ward will gratify its completely free post-release content game with new maps, weapons and regular events.

Warzone 2 will follow suit a little later and will also include all the new gameplay features, but not only.

Infinity Ward indeed announces to us that it has a gargantuan work on the graphics using all “new advanced technologies”.

Modern Warfare 2 will be the most advanced Call of Duty in history, delivering a truly immersive experience with incredibly realistic sound, lighting, and graphics. It will also use state-of-the-art photogrammetry, a new tile-based hybrid streaming system, a new PBR decal rendering system, global volumetric lighting, 4K HDR, as well as new pipelined GPU geometry. All of this is in the service of a massive cinematic campaign.

The game also features a new advanced AI system. Campaign and Special Ops enemies and friends act tactically using combat and cover maneuver techniques that would be second nature to a Tier 1 Operator.

Pre-orders and deluxe editions

Finally, you can already pre-order the software to guarantee you access to the beta test phases on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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The software is available here in several editions. A standard full price and without goodiesas well asan Edition Vault (Deluxe) including play on two generations of consoles (PS4/PS5 or Xbox Series/Xbox One) as well as a multitude of in-game bonuses like xp boosts, or even exclusive skins.

Each pre-order will also give you automatic access to the beta phases which will arrive later in the year.

Now all you have to do is wait until Summer Game Fest to see some single player and/or multiplayer gameplay and hear about Warzone 2.

Source: www.callofduty.com

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