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Modern Warfare 2 unveils first multiplayer map


Activision’s FPS and Infinity Ward give us a first look at one of the multiplayer maps present for the upcoming beta.

While the software will be released in late October and several beta sessions are expected in SeptemberInfinity Ward unveils the first multiplayer map: Marina Bay Grand Prix.

Urban combat in the middle of the Grand Prix

This modern and urban map proposes close combat at 6 against 6 in what appears to be a racetrack game and one (or more) buildings.
For the moment, we don’t really know how the map will be built, even if we expect it to be rather small since it is supposed to host only a dozen fighters.

This map is the very first official map to be presented as playable for the next beta which will take place in mid-September (you can find all the dates at this address). However, we should know more by September 15 during the full presentation of the multiplayer.

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As a reminder Modern Warfare 2 is expected on October 28, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Warzone 2 is also expected this year, but should be released a little later.

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