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Monkey Island: attacked by the “fans”, Ron Gilbert is silent


The toxicity of the internet community has struck again and the “fans” have managed to touch Ron Gilbert, dad of Monkey Island.

As Return to Monkey Island prepares for release in temporary exclusivity on Switchthe creator of the license, Ron Gilbert, was subjected to strong criticism and virulent personal attacks, under the pretext that the visuals of the game did not pleaseamong others.

Virulent and free personal attacks

Until now, the man kept a blog to share some information about his work and that of the studio in charge of Return to Monkey Island, a site that is now closed. Ron said he didn’t want to share anything anymore, that he just didn’t feel like it.

I’m closing the comments. People are just being mean and I have to delete the personal attack comments,” he wrote;
It’s an amazing game and everyone on the team is very proud of it. Play it or don’t play it, but don’t come and ruin it. I won’t be posting on the game anymore. The joy of sharing has been taken away from me.

The reason? Some little geniuses have found nothing better than to pour their hatred and frustration into the comments with acid criticism and violent personal attacks. We’ll skip the examples, but you have the picture.

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Internet and its toxins

A deplorable attitude which is unfortunately not isolated since very (too) often, developers are targeted for X or Y reason. Fans” often forget that video games and licenses (and even brands) don’t belong to them and that it’s not their father who works on the projectbut well and truly men, women, artists and more, who work, create and share works and their visions.

We remember, for example, the tornado of horror that Naughty Dog suffered with The Last of Us 2, for choices that, in the end, are their own business. Or the studio behind Abandoned, whose people attached to the project have been threatened with death. Even if the project is in a bad way, if the game doesn’t please or if the new directions our favorite licenses can take are not suitable, nothing deserves such treatmentand the acidic and toxic people, well sunk in their armchair behind their screen, have a little difficulty to remember it. Worse, some of them do it with undisguised joy.

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