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Monomyth: another mod for Half-Life: Alyx


Fabian Pachler has chosen to send you back to the premises of the Combine of Nova Prospekt for a new original adventure.

Following its success, Half-Life: Alyx continues to welcome new new mods on PC. There is certainly food and drink, and not all of them are necessarily essential, but Monomyth could, like Return to Rapture where Gunman Contractswhich turns the title into john wick shooterworth a look.

That creation by Fabian Pachler indeed offers you a campaign of about an hour where, in the skin of a new character helped by a radio operator whose objectives escape you, you will have to sneak into Nova Prospekt’s Combine facility introduced in Half-Life 2.

This is enough to keep fans waiting for the upcoming release of a possible Half-Life 3.

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