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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak continues to soar


Released at the end of June on PC and Switch, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is attracting players and is now reaching a new milestone.

Released on June 30th on PC and Switch, the Monster Hunter Rise expansion has been a hit since its launch. It caught the eye of Steam players and sold over two million copies in less than a week. And today the success continues and now takes Capcom’s production to new horizons.

Sunbreak reaches a new milestone

When July ended, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak already had 3 million owners. Almost a month later, new users have been added, bringing the number of sales (digital and physical) of this latest expansion to a new level. For good reason: to date, Sunbreak has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

And, as usual, new free content will be added this Wednesday, August 24 to celebrate this little event.

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For its part, Monster Hunter Rise has also sold over a million more copies. This makes that, since its release in March 2021, more than 11 million players have added the title to their library.

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