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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a hit, and the license is making records


Capcom must be rubbing its hands together as its Sunbreak expansion is breaking the mold and allowing MH Rise to break a new record.

Released recently, Sunbreak is the major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, the latest opus of the saga available on Switch and PC. And if the game was undoubtedly a nice success, the arrival of Sunbreak allowed the software to beat a record of attendance on Steam where a little less than 200,000 hunters were crammed onto the servers at launch, a first for the series.

Monster Hunter is now Capcom’s most important license

Capcom also announces that in a short week, Sunbreak has sold more than 2 million copies. In the aftermath, Monster Hunter Rise passes 10 million units sold and ensures a bright future for the license.
But it is however Monster Hunter World which remains the best-selling episode in the history of the series with over 21 million games in the wild.

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Never seen before for Capcom signs here a historical figureeven when compared to its other flagship licenses. To date, Monster Hunter World is the best-selling game in Capcom’s history. We hope for a new opus soon, but before that, the next monsters we will hunt will certainly be those of Dragon’s Dogma 2, currently in development.

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