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Monster Hunter: the next opus of the franchise would have leaked


The leaks in the video game, we unfortunately start to be used to it. Now, it is the Monster Hunter series that is concerned.

While the new expansion Sunbreak of Monster Hunter Rise, the opus of the series dedicated to the Switch, is a hit, Some are patiently waiting for the announcement of the next title in the license in the vein of Monster Hunter World. Well, according to a leak from Discord, we know the name of this sequel: Paradise.

Ok google, put Proof a hero

This “scoop” was brought to us by a tweet now deleted. It was posted by a user named neonaga99. In it, technical details about the method he used via the Discord platform to to dig up some juicy information about the new game in the Monster Hunter franchise.

In particular, he managed to discover That it was going to be called Monster Hunter Paradise and that it would normally be scheduled for release on PlayStation, Xbox and PCThe Switch is obviously excluded for the moment. If all this is still to be taken with a pinch of salt, we should not forget that the Capcom studio has confirmed the fact that it was working on a new opus. So, Are we dealing with the successor of Monster Hunter World? Nothing is sure yet.

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Until we know more, you can go back to hunting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (or World, or Generations, it’s up to you). Also, the Switch-exclusive app now has its own major expansion, Sunbreak, which didn’t leave us indifferent. Ideal to prepare for the monsters of this mysterious sequel.

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