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Moon “Anti-RPG” Now Available on PlayStation and PC Consoles


After having appeared worldwide on Switch in 2020, this “anti-RPG” (released exclusively in Japan more than 20 years ago) can now be approached on PlayStation and PC consoles.

Within a certain world, “Moon World”, a hero is rampant. The animal population is seriously threatened by its actions. In the eyes of the chosen one, it is only a collection of experience points, which can only be offered to him after the death of a creature. What cruelty! Fortunately, you players will not be part of this carnage. You will play a completely different character, a young boy from another universe.

The child, sucked in by his television, arrives in this unknown place and will take on a completely opposite role, a role at odds with standard RPGs: appease the souls of deceased animals. In this game, no fighting, only altruism and benevolence will rock the title. In this way, the boy will collect the “love” necessary to restore the glow to the star of the night.

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The game, which had not appeared outside of the Japan, when it was first released in 1997, became known internationally on Switch a little over a year ago. Now the owners PS5 or PS4 (via the PS Store) as well as Steam familiars can also approach it, since December 16, 2021.

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