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Mordhau is now in charge of PlayStation and Xbox


Previously released on PC only, the medieval slasher Mordhau is now moving towards a new audience by making an appointment on PlayStation and Xbox.

Just like ChivalryMordhau is a multiplayer title that sends its participants (more than 60) into a medieval era to fight each other with swords, axes, arrows or many other weapons, the arsenal being supposed to be quite large according to the game description.

In short, the title of the Slovenian studio Triternion now begins its advance towards new horizons. After having landed on PC in April 2019Mordhau is coming soon to PS5 consoles, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One. However, no details were provided with the announcement of this coming and the date of release remains unknown. However, a very small trailer has just been published and relayed by IGN in particular, to give an overview to future newcomers.

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