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More and more online casinos accept cryptocurrencies


The impressive success of some crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) has made these new kind of digital currencies extremely well known at the moment. Even the general public is becoming more and more interested in them.

In the world of web gaming, online casinos have been accepting some of them for quite a few years now. In fact, in the jargon they are called Bitcoin casinos.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the emergence of cryptocurrencies in the online casino market.

Online casinos still intimately linked to technological developments

It was in the early 1990s that the very first online casinos in history made their appearance. For this, it was necessary that the Internet was developed. As a result, they have been extremely linked to new technologies. Thus, when live video broadcasting began to be democratized, during the 2000s, the first live games could be created.

Then, the success met by mobile terminals such as mobiles or tablets for example did not escape the online casinos either, which quickly sought to be available on these devices that offer a lot of freedom.

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From specialized platforms to general online casinos

As online casinos are always on the lookout for the latest developments in technology, we will not know too surprised that they have not missed the cryptocurrency train. Starting in 2014, online casinos specializing solely in this kind of digital currency have thus begun to appear by the hundreds on the market.

Among them, we can mention, among others, Stake, whose excellent reputation has lasted until today.

The craze for cryptocurrencies has started to grow more and more. This is why a lot of general online casinos have also started to offer some of them in addition to the traditional currencies. This is the case with Dublinbet and Lucky31, for example.

The undeniable advantages of cryptocurrencies for playing at online casinos

Some people may wonder why crytocurrencies are attracting so many online casino users, right now. The answer is extremely simple. It is because they have a lot of advantages and specialists like CasinoBit or Stake know it well.

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First of all, those who want to play discreetly appreciate them a lot since they do not require the presence of any third party organization. Thus, there is no trace of their deposits or withdrawals on their bank statements.

Others simply seek to make very quick fund transfers. Indeed, they take only a few minutes, whereas it can take several days with other methods such as bank transfers. Finally, it is the security that appeals to many players. Indeed, as the rules of cryptography are used, there is no risk with them.

On the contrary, quite a few people still fear cryptocurrencies because of their high fluctuation. If this is the case for you, there are stablecoins that can be pegged to a fiat currency to avoid this high variance.

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