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More game services and MMOs on PS5? Sony files an interesting patent


In the midst of expanding into the games-as-a-service arena, Sony has just filed a patent for a computing system that could shake up the MMO scene.

Since the acquisition of Bungie, Sony no longer hides its desire to solidly establish itself in the landscape of games service. Evolving titles capable of maintaining an active community for years if the work is well done. It’s also, and obviously, a way to earn a lot of money since the genre has been on the rise for many years (examples are not lacking) and is not ready to stop.

The revival of the MMO on PS5?

With this in mind, not only will Sony soon be releasing big releases like Naughty Dog’s multiplayer game or Jade Raymond’s, but as a bonus, it’s investing in research into technology capable of revolutionizing the genre.

This is the case with this recent patent filing that illustrates a brand new computing system using multiple networks, computing units, and even the Cloud to make the experience more fluid and allow many, many players to meet.

The patent states in part. as soon as the maximum threshold of players is reached in a zone, the computing units of the sub-regions, and various other networks are triggered to process additional dataThus, all the interactions of the overcrowded region are ensured.

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In other words, with such a computing system, Sony could offer large-scale MMOs where all players could be grouped together in a single region instead of having instanced areas, as is the case in almost every MMO on the market.

Very few massively multiplayer games offer groupings of hundreds (or even thousands) of people, and even fewer do so without crashes, lags, and other technical problems.

Of course, a patent filing does not necessarily certify that such a project will eventually succeedBut it still allows us to see that Sony is indeed going to invest in the genre and is even trying to leave its mark. Wait and see as they say.

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