Home News More PlayStation takeovers to come, the fightback is on

More PlayStation takeovers to come, the fightback is on


Sony does not intend to sit idly by. Following the acquisition of Bungie, the PlayStation stable intends to expand with other acquisitions.

Thunderbolt at the end of the evening. After being bought by Microsoft, then Activision, Bungie now passes under the stable of Sony. A clear response to the Activision-Blizzard acquisition and that’s just the beginning.

More PlayStation takeovers coming soon

To believe jim ryanhead of Sony Interactive Entertainment, buyout season is far from over and Sony intends to respond to Microsoft’s overflowing appetite. In reaction to this announcement, the big boss of PlayStation gave a few words to gamesindustry.biz to declare that it was necessary expect more studio takeovers from Sony. Obviously, there is no doubt that these few words will be enough to stir up the wildest rumors on the web and we can already see rumors coming from the corridors around Electronic Arts or Take Two.

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Anyway, the PlayStation family should grow even more in the weeks or even months to come. And you, who would you like to see inflate the ranks of PlayStation Studios?

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