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More variety of NPCs in the new Police Simulator update


Police Simulator will launch version 4.0.0 in a few weeks, with a greater variety on the side of NPCs, new missions and even a new interaction with citizens.

Already extremely complete and quite realistic, the simulation game Font Simulator: Patrol Officers continues its regular updates and will offer its update 4.0 called “Keys to The City” on January 25th. In this patch which already promises to bring ever more realism, you will now be able to greet the citizens in the street but especially the NPCs will gain some variety.

Astragon promises it moreover: the diversity of the citizens will be felt “really”. The game promises to new faces and of new voices because it must be admitted that the randomization sins by place. But above all, new names:

We are talking about 733 new female first names (currently: 77) and 754 male first names (75). As well as 769 new surnames (60). After experiencing my dusting calculator of school years, I was able to calculate that it’s done 1.1 million possible combinations. It’s crazy.

On the physical side, these are 3 new faces for men and 3 for women, as well as 7 new haircuts, which should allow a better variety thanks to the random generator based on other options like colors, clothes, etc.

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New missions will also arrive at the station, such as alcoholism on the public highway or snatching. The game should also fix Arrest by car: Vehicles will not turn hours to find parking and will arrange on the right lane for example.

The other good news is that open beta test period is already underway for this patch 4.0, via the beta branch of Steam. For now, no release date for the version 5.0, “The Holding Cells”, eagerly awaited since it will finally add support for modding of characters and vehicles in the game. To find out more, the 2022 roadmap can be found on this link.

Waiting for, two hours of gameplay to find here:

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