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Moss: Book II to be released in Spring 2022 on PS VR


Announced last summer, the sequel to the much-loved Moss finds a release window on PS VR. The appointment is given in spring 2022.

Extending the adventure of a more than convincing previous opus (having seduced more than a million players), Moss: Book II will be accessible on PS VR next spring but still leaves doubt about the existence of a possible version PC VR.

However, as for the exact release date, we will come back. So it’s a bit vague, but the announcement will surely reassure players who are eager to dive back into this universe as quickly as possible and experience the new story here:

After saving his uncle Argus, Quill’s adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant hunts him down in the bewitched castle where his uncle was held captive. But Quill has his own plan, one that could finally end the ruthless Arcane rule and save the world from great disaster. With dangerous terrain, intricate puzzles, and enemies twisted by fire and steel, the journey will be grueling, one of triumph and heartbreak, but new allies, old friends and the very nature of the castle can help.

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