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Complete file: Most Wanted 2009

While 2008 has just ended, having shown itself to be a year rich in releases and good games, 2009 promises to be just as tough for our bank accounts in view of the high number of titles which must be released on PlayStation 3 in the next 12 months. Whether it’s sequels or new licenses, 2009 is likely to remain etched in our memories as a very prolific year for releases. This is why the writing of Play3-Live focused on the ” potential catalog of 2009 and concocted you a Most Wanted.

You will find the most anticipated games by your favorite Editors and Moderators, for this new year on PS3. At the end of the file, you will also find the 10 games that our VIP members expect the most, as well as an exclusive interview!

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Happy reading and once again Happy New Year on Play3-Live.

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