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Multiversus once again shows gameplay from pro players


The “Super Smash Bros. killer” by Warner shows once again that he wants it and that he intends to make a name for himself in eSports with this new Pro Player Showcase.

Still in development, Multiversus nevertheless takes advantage of the talents of the best players to reveal itself and gain a foothold in the eSport community. If we had touched on its gameplay during our preview, and found that the game had resources, Multiversus proves to us with this Pro Player Showcase that it has the solid back to be playable in competition and to offer a quality show.

Multiversus, the future bomb of eSport?

For this new show of force, 4 excellent players faced off in 2v2 in a frenzied BO5. Among them, we find in particular two pro players, Spooky and ApologyManwell known from the VS Fighting scene (especially Smash Bros Ultimate), as well as Leviathan and brokkrtwo excellent closed alpha ladder players.

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The least we can say is thatas a spectator, Multiversus has great potential. The game is readable, fluid and sufficiently complete to bring tension during clashes. The eSport scene is therefore likely to be interesting.

Besides, you will soon be able to try it yourself since Multiversus will be entitled to an open beta from next July on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Eventually, the app will be free-to-play and cross-platform.

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