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MultiVersus unveils its season 1: new character, skin and game mode


Taking advantage of the EVO 2022, Multiversus has offered a first glimpse of its season 1 even if it doesn’t have a release date yet.

MultiVersus has the wind in its sails and works quite well on all platforms. Many players are waiting for the arrival of the first season of the software. However, the latter has been delayed a little and does not yet have a definitive date. However, this did not prevent Warner to share the content of this one during the EVO 2022.

MultiVersus season 1: new character, new game mode and more

This very first batch of seasonal content will bring a new fighter, Morty (Rick & Morty), a Arcade game mode which, if it has not yet given details, should go straight to the point and the long-awaited Classified mode. Many cosmetics will also be part of the game with skins for Bugs Bunny and Lebron Jamesbut also exclusive icons and banners. Of course, a brand new Battle Pass will also be deployed at the same time.

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The studio also tells us that the release date of season 1 will be revealed soonbut for now, you can still enjoy the pre-season content and even the extended Battle Pass until August 15 for now.

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