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Mutan Insight is hiring for a remake project on PS5


Scheduled for Unreal Engine 5, this remake project concerns a “high-end RPG” for the PS5. Some already make the link with the Chrono Cross rumor.

As spotted by Gematsu, the studio Mutan Insight is currently looking for new collaborators for a “high-end RPG remake for PS5” which will use the Unreal Engine, and more likely the UE5.

Mutan Insight has notably worked on many opus of the Atelier series, but also on DLC for Final Fantasy XV or the design of Blue Reflection (our test here). The studio therefore recruits mainly on design or artistic direction and the project could be as often entrusted to another developer in parallel.

If the name is not revealed in the Jobs, Internet users have already made the connection with the rumors about a remake of Chrono Cross, which seems to meet the description perfectly.

Source: www.gematsu.com

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