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Nacon announces Tour de France 2022 and Pro Cycling Manager 2022


Nacon and Cyanide revealed the release date and a first video of the new vintage of the Tour de France/Pro Cycling Manager cycling simulation, with new game modes and improvements.

It’s the same every spring: the trees are budding, the sun is back, my neighbor makes his brushcutter roar at 8 a.m. and Nacon unveils his Pro Cycling Manager annual. This year the ultimate bicycle simulation game is planned for the June 9, 2022as always in two versions: Tour de France, which will speak to fans of Grand Tours on PC and consoles, and Pro Cycling Manager for those who want stats and not prestigious names, on PC only.

The game returns this year with 14,000 km of circuits through 4 countries. Players will be able to control 26 teams in 4 game modes on Tour de France 2022, including the new “Race of the moment”.

  • New game mode: Tour de France 2022 marks the arrival of the brand new Race of the Moment mode allowing players to compare their results online during weekly ranked challenges.
  • The new official route of the Tour de France 2022: like every year, the players have the opportunity to travel around France, this time starting from Denmark. They can cover the 21 new official stages, including the time trial in Copenhagen to start, then Lille Métropole – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut and its cobbled sections, before tackling the mythical climb of Hautacam in the 18th stage, up to the grand finale on the famous avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris.
  • More varied racing situations: the game’s artificial intelligence now offers more varied behaviors, better suited to races and events. The player can suffer morning attacks more often or enjoy better collaboration in breakaways.
  • New classic inspired by a famous Italian race: the Primavera Classic.
  • New playable teams: Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA and Uno-X Pro Cycling Team make their first appearance in the game.
  • Race Incidents: Players can now choose whether or not to activate falls and illnesses, and determine the frequency. Their consequences may vary depending on the seriousness of the incident.
  • Race Readiness: This new system randomly determines five racers who are better prepared and five others who, conversely, can potentially underperform, forcing players to monitor their competitors, as well as their own team.
  • More Immersive Cobblestone Sectors: When traversing these challenging sectors, the UI shakes, mirroring what runners feel, allowing players to no longer experience the Arenberg Gap the same way.

On the PCM 2022 side, we are announcing a identification and more efficient recruitment and complete, but also an improvement of the interface. This new opus offers more than 260 races and 680 stagesincluding the 21 Tour officials.

  • New talent detection system: In Pro Cycling Manager 2022, the player can now choose the territory as well as the young sportsmen he wishes to follow, while his scouts progress and become more efficient over time.
  • New generation of runners: a new system is emerging, based on the level and potential of young runners, via a 6-star rating. From now on, young cyclists arrive from the age of 16 and come to nurture a pool of athletes three times larger than before. More versatile, they develop in the same way as current stars.
  • Rider development system: For more realism, recruited riders must now integrate into the team in order to benefit from optimal progression.
  • More enterprising opponents: the pelotons of Pro Cycling Manager 2022 offer more diversified behaviors, breaking away from the usual patterns of previous opuses. Players can see favorites take the lead from the start, or witness numerous attacks from the first hour of the race.
  • Improvement of the interface: the overhaul of the design, the ergonomics of the menus and the planning of the objectives, marks the arrival of a new cycling page. It includes new statistics, enhancement of runners’ abilities and their results, as well as an interface allowing the characteristics of two athletes to be compared.
  • 70 teams available: players can become sports directors of famous teams such as Team Jumbo-Visma, B&B Hotels-KTM or Groupama-FDJ.

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