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Nacon Connect 2022: Steelrising drops a trailer and announces a beta test


The souls-like from Spiders studio shows itself once again in a short gameplay trailer and opens its pre-orders.

Set in the atypical historical context of a fantasized French Revolution, Steelrising, as modest as it may be, had rather charmed us during our preview.

Souls Automata

Fluid, dynamic and challenging, Steelrising has all the weapons to take its place at the table of successful AA souls-like games. The software is expected on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 8 next and is now opening its pre-orders.

By the way, each order will give you exclusive access to the beta that will take place in August and some cosmetics to dress up your automaton, Aegis.

To celebrate, Steelrising offers us a few seconds of gameplaySteelrising offers us a few seconds of gameplay, focusing on boss fights with a design as unique as it is successful, and a touch of exploration. The latter will have an important place in the adventure and will mix traditional exploration phases with a zest of metroidvaniaall in a Paris in the middle of the French Revolution. Not to mention the rebellion of the automatons, a whole program.

Paris, 1789. The city is in the grip of terror. The Revolution has been put down in blood by Louis XVI and his ruthless mechanical army. It is up to Aegis, an engineering marvel, to confront the king’s ranks of automatons and change the course of history.

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