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Nacon opens a studio and prepares a game based on a famous film license


The manufacturer is expanding to Italy with a brand new studio and already has a big project on the go: a survival game set in a universe well known to science fiction fans.

Although it continues to make controllers and other gaming accessories, Nacon also has several studios in its catalog and fresh IPs. Today, he announces to us the extension of its gaming branch with the opening of a new Studio in Milan.

Nacon be back!

For now, the aptly named Nacon Studio Milano, is made up of former RiMS Racing developers and a second team that is already working on a brand new survival game from “a famous film license”. The studio has opened recruitment and is seeking to strengthen its teams to carry out the development of “this ambitious project”.

If for the moment we have no information about it, the studio has nevertheless shared several illustrations which give some clues.

After The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and RoboCop: Rogue City, Nacon would turn this time to Terminatorif we are to believe the recent discoveries of our comrades from Gematsu. As our colleagues point out, it is indeed possible to notice an ALAMO Gun & Shop sign on one of the artworks, the same one used in the saga launched by James Cameron.

After all why not, Terminator enjoys a post-apocalyptic universe that would lend itself rather well to a survival game, now remains to be seen how it all would play out. Nacon informed us that he would give more details on the project in the coming months.

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