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Need for Speed (2022): gameplay leaked on the web


Although scheduled for a release in 2022, Need for Speed has yet to show everything about it. However, some images from its development have leaked.

Expected to be released in this year 2022The new Need For Speed is still to be seen. And yet, a presentation was apparently planned last July, before being postponed. Perhaps it should not be too long now. But, for the moment, we will have to be satisfied with a very short gameplay video that has just leaked, confirming what was said a few months ago.

Need for Speed on the cartoon path

Earlier this year, journalist Jeff Grubb brought what seemed to be information about the upcoming Need for Speed opus. According to what he said at the time, the game would feature a fictional city roughly similar to Chicago and, more importantly, would have some “cartoon” elements. This can now be confirmed by the video that has just appeared on the Web.

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If we still have to wait to see more consistent things and a more accomplished visual, Need for Speed nevertheless shows us some images where we can see the few fancy effects that Grubb indicated in April, which are mainly the incrustation of some drawings at the time of the impact of the vehicle against an obstacle.

Now we wait to see what all this will look like in a longer sequence. And it should not be too long now, especially if the release is still for this year. Henderson had originally announced a release for November on new gen consoles and PC, but according to Jeff Grubb there will be a slight delay: Need for Speed would now be scheduled for December 2022.

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