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Need for Speed ​​2022 will have a particular art style according to Jeff Grubb


The next Need for Speed ​​is provided with new informative elements coming from Jeff Grubb, which one can regard as reliable.

Just a week ago, Jeff Grubb was already broadcasting about the upcoming Need For Speed. In this last disclosure, it declared the exclusivity of the new gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series so. From then on, he took an interest – on his show (Grubbsnax), some of whose remarks were reported by VGC – to the artistic bias that would be adopted by the next episode.

“A photorealistic style with anime elements”

According to Grubb, the title developed by Criterion with the help of Codemaster Cheshire (MotorStorm) will offer a graphic style photorealistic. However, it will not be devoid of, shall we say, whimsical elements. Among decors close to reality, various effects worthy of cartoons will also be offered. Here is what he says about it:

It will be photorealistic, but it will also have anime elements. You know when you see an advertisement for a car or something and the car drives, but flames and cartoon stuff come out of it? This is the kind of aesthetic they seem to be after.

The return of old features

Other information was also communicated by the journalist. First, regarding the featured city: named Lake Shore Cityshe would be a fictitious and “close to the real” representation of Chicago. Next, Grubb mentioned the return of some multiplayer features popular with users from previous games, such as Autolog from Hot Pursuit for example. The same would be true for vehicle customization.

Autolog is back for multiplayer, you can customize all parts of your car, it’s back.

Now it only belongs to EA and Criterion whether or not to give substance to the statements made. It certainly shouldn’t take long, especially if Grubb’s prediction of a release this fall is true.

Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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