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Need For Speed ​​2022 would be exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series consoles


The next installment of Need For Speed, expected this year, would ignore old gen consoles according to Jeff Grubb.

It was on his personal show that Jeff Grubb dropped some info on the next installment of Need For Speed and according to its sources, the soft would be expected for this year and would also make a cross on part of the players. As a reminder, NFS 2022 is developed by Criterion (Burnout) with the help of Codemaster Cheshire (MotorStorm), Ghost Games having been ousted after taking care of the last 4 games. He should score a new start for the license.

Need For Speed ​​skips the old gen?

Some will be happy, others not so much (some won’t care too), but according to Jeff Grubb, Need For Speed ​​2022 would be scheduled for the month of November and will not be released on PS4 or Xbox One.

Need for Speed ​​is coming this year… it’s true, the game should even arrive in November. And if you’re a Need for Speed ​​fan and bought a next-gen console, here’s some news: it’s a next-gen-only game.

Criterion and EA would therefore have definitely gone to the new gen with this next Need for Speednow remains to be seen if this is the original idea, in which case the development would have been entirely dedicated to the PS5 consoles and Xbox Series, or if it is only a last minute reversal. The PC version is not mentioned, but there is no doubt that the platform will be entitled to it.

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Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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