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Netflix will seriously strengthen its catalog of games before the end of 2022


For several months now, Netflix has been offering its subscribers a handful of games and intends to expand its offer.

While the VOD giant recently announced that it had lost no less than 200,000 subscribers, forcing it to serve, in particular on account sharing, Netflix intends to inflate its catalog of video games.

Netflix boosts its gaming offer

For the moment, the offer only offers 18 apps, most of which are from Netflix licenses like Stranger Things, but that shouldn’t last. The firm announces that it wants to integrate no less than 30 new games by the end of 2022, including a digital version of the Exploding Kittens card game. In total, it would therefore be almost 50 games that would be available by December 31.

As a reminder, Netflix recently strengthened its gaming sector with the acquisition of several studios specializing in mobile development like Next Games, or even Boss Fight.

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The love story between the platform and the video game does not end there, since Netflix continues to capitalize on many licenses by transforming them into a series, such as The Witcher, whose third season is in the making, Resident Evil, Tekken or even the excellent Arcane.

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